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Hire Reserves, Beaches & Waterways

Victor Harbor has many natural attractions including Granite Island, Rosetta Head (The Bluff) and our coastal beaches providing a lifestyle which is highly valued by both residents and visitors.

In addition to these natural attractions The City of Victor Harbor is also responsible for over 100 reserves within the Council area.

For detailed information on the City of Victor Harbor's Recreation and Open Space Strategy please follow the link.

Popular Major Parks and Reserves

To locate and view more detail on the major parks and reserves please follow this link to the Parks, Gardens and Reserves listing.

If you would like to hire a reserve for a Major Event (Greater than 500 people) please contact the Economic Projects Coordinator at the City of Victor Harbor on 08 8551 0500.


The City of Victor Harbor has two ovals, the Encounter Bay Oval and the Victor Harbor Oval.  These ovals are used throughout the summer and winter months by a number of sporting and community groups. 

To locate, hire or find out more detail on our ovals please follow this link to the Ovals listing.

Encounter Lakes Waterway

The Encounter Lakes waterway has two public swimming beaches, making it the perfect location for a number of aquatic activites and related events.

Public swimming beaches are located at C M Thorpe Park (Bartel Boulevard) and J W Crompton Reserve (Tabernacle Road). To book the reserve and use the waterway for an event, you will need to complete two forms - an Application for Hire Oval/Reserve/Beach form and an Application for permit for Aquatic Activites Encounter Lakes form. Please locate these documents further down the page.

Complete Urban Reserves Map

For localities of all the City of Victor Harbor's urban reserves please click on this map link: Reserves Map Reserves%20Map (335 kb)

Which form do I need?

Hire of Encounter Lakes/Franklin Island Waterway

Does your event require use of the Encounter Lakes waterway for any aquatic activity?  ¨    

If yes, please complete the Encounter Lakes Aquatic Activities Permit Application.

Ongoing periodic use of a Reserve/Oval/Beach

Does your event require use of a Reserve/Oval/Beach for an ongoing activity for example; weekly or monthly use?                                                                                                                                                                     

If yes, please complete the Fitness Activity Permit Application.

Application for the Hire of a Reserve/Oval/Beach

Is your event anticipated to attract less than 500 people?

If yes, please complete the Application for Oval/Reserve/Beach Hire/Car Park.

Application for a Major Festival or Event.

Is your event anticipated to attract over 500 people, require road closures or require substantial Council assistance?

If yes to any of the above, you will need to complete a Major Festivals and Events Application Form.


If the form you require is not listed below, please contact Customer Service on 08 8551 0500.


Legislative Fees shown as ✔ in adjacent column
Warland Reserve - Casual Hire Per day Y $280.00   Higher fee for major reserve 
Other Reserves - Casual Hire Per day Y $80.00    
Bond required on booking   N $300.00    
Binoculars Timed fee Y $2.00    

Liquor Licence

The sale or consumption of liquor at all Council Facilities is forbidden without a relevant Liquor Licence.  Examples if a Liquor Licence is required:

  • Where the consumption of liquor is included in the cover charge eg: Food, drinks and entry included in the one ticket price, even at a private home
  • Where entry is by donation
  • Where wine tasting is being offered with a view to selling wine, whether at the event or in the future;
  • Where liquor is offered as a ‘gift’ when an item is purchased

An application form is available below

Application to Support a Limited Liquor Licence(409 kb)

* Mandatory Field

Facilities Hire Enquiry Form
Facilities Hire Enquiry Form
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Send a copy of the submitted form to this email address.

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