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New appointments to Horse Tram Board

The City of Victor Harbor is pleased to announce the appointment of four new independent members to the Victor Harbor Horse Tram Authority (VHHTA) Board.

The VHHTA Board consists of five members, four independent members and an elected member from the City of Victor Harbor.

At its meeting on 25 February, the Council appointed Councillor Carol Schofield to continue on the Board as its elected member representative. Councillor Schofield was an inaugural board member of the Authority, and previously was the Chair of the Council’s Victor Harbor Horse Tram Committee.

Independent board member appointments include:

  • Roland Roccioletti
  • Rachel Kennedy
  • Paul Brown
  • Nigel Catt

The VHHTA Board is responsible for managing the business and affairs of the Victor Harbor Horse Tram, and will play a key role in the operation of the iconic tourism attraction.

City of Victor Harbor Chief Executive Officer Victoria MacKirdy, who remains Interim General Manager of the Authority, said the Council received a number of high quality nominations for the board positions.

“The number of nominations we received shows that there are many people wanting to be involved in shaping the future of our beloved tram service,” said Ms MacKirdy.

“The new board members bring a wide variety of skills and knowledge that will be of great value to the Horse Drawn Tram service and, more broadly, our community.”

“The independent members appointed to the board collectively have strong experience in tourism and primary production, national and international marketing, financial management, business management, and have demonstrated a thorough understanding of the horse tram service.”

“Similarly, Councillor Schofield brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the board through her comprehensive work as a committee member and then inaugural board member of the Victor Harbor Horse Tram Authority.”

Ms MacKirdy also paid tribute to the work of outgoing board members Brian Hockney, Terry Andrews and Peter Lewis.

“The City of Victor Harbor thanks the outgoing board members for their outstanding contribution. These members started as a Council advisory committee tasked with investigation of options to safeguard the future of our iconic horse tram, and then transitioned into the inaugural board,” said Ms MacKirdy.

“The extensive research they have undertaken over the past couple of years is testament to their passion for the Horse Tram service and the important role it has not only within our local community but as a South Australian icon.”

Ms MacKirdy said the first meeting of the new VHHTA Board is expected to occur within the next month.

Find out more about the new Board Members.

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