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Statement - Crozier Hill Estate Development

The Crozier Hill Estate development and issues relating to it have been the subject of substantial public discussion both within the Council Chamber and outside of it.  The events surrounding the original land division go back over twenty years at a time when none of the current City of Victor Harbor Elected Members were on the Council. 

Civil liability claims for substantial monetary compensation have now been foreshadowed by three persons who allege that they have suffered loss and damage in relation to their properties in Crozier Hill Estate.

It is a requirement of the Local Government Act that all councils take out insurance to protect ratepayers from the financial implications of claims for damages in respect of civil liabilities (whether meritorious or not).  The City of Victor Harbor, along with every other council in South Australia, is a member of the Local Government Association Mutual Liability Scheme.  Membership of the Mutual Liability Scheme satisfies the requirement of the Local Government Act that councils have insurance to cover them against civil liability claims.

The Rules of the Mutual Liability Scheme require a member council which seeks indemnity in respect of an actual or foreshadowed civil liability claim to notify the Mutual Liability Scheme of any such claim.  Once such a notification has been given and a request for indemnity has been made, the Mutual Liability Scheme effectively “stands in the shoes” of the member council. 

City of Victor Harbor Chief Executive Officer Victoria MacKirdy has notified the Mutual Liability Scheme of the three foreshadowed civil liability claims in relation to Crozier Hill Estate and has sought indemnity for the council in respect of those claims. The council has been granted indemnity in relation to those claims.

As a result, from now on the Mutual Liability Scheme and its lawyers will communicate with the claimants direct on the council’s behalf. In taking over the matter, the Scheme has instructed its solicitors to conduct an extensive review of the Crozier Hill Estate land division and development for the purpose of providing confidential and privileged legal advice to the Scheme as to the merit or otherwise of the foreshadowed civil liability claims.  This will involve a review of all relevant evidence including, where possible, speaking with persons who have direct knowledge of the events or who can explain or assist in understanding the enormous volume of documentary material to be considered.  That process has already commenced. 

Elected Members were briefed on this process by the Mutual Liability Scheme and its lawyers last week. It is expected that the review and advice in relation to it will be completed in two to three months.  At that time the Council expects to be informed by the Mutual Liability Scheme of the effect of its legal advice and whether the foreshadowed claims or any others in relation to Crozier Hill Estate have any prospects of success.  Council also expects to be informed as to how the Mutual Liability Scheme proposes to deal with the civil liability claims going forward.

The City of Victor Harbor will be making no further public statements in relation to Crozier Hill Estate until it has received advice from the Mutual Liability Scheme on the merits or otherwise of the foreshadowed claims relating to it. At that time Council will provide a further update for the community. 

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