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Have Your Say: Planning for our environment

The City of Victor Harbor is calling on the community to share their priorities for the local environment to help inform the development of a new environmental plan.

The new Environmental Management Plan that will set out priority actions to be undertaken over the next five years to both protect and enhance the local environment. It is intended the plan will include information about how to manage waterways, land in agricultural, fringe and urban areas, the coast, native vegetation, waste and climate change.

‘A healthy environment is important for both our farmers and urban residents. We need to manage our natural environment for our future generations, and look at how Victor Harbor can become cleaner, greener and healthier into the future,’ said City of Victor Harbor Mayor Moira Jenkins.

In this initial stage, the Council wants to learn more about the community’s concerns and ideas for environmental management.

‘We want to know what areas in our local environment that our community see as important to protect and improve,’ said Mayor Moira Jenkins.

‘This information, along with our own comprehensive research, will be used to develop a draft plan that will help tackle the environmental challenges in front of us both locally and globally.’

‘It is not just Council’s responsibility alone to protect the environment. It is important to have a collaborative approach with our residents, government agencies, schools, businesses and community organisations in order to make a real difference.’

‘If we are not all on the same page, it’s hard to get things right. That is why developing a plan of action – through the Environmental Management Plan – is important, and why it’s crucial to involve the community early in its development.’

‘The feedback we receive from the community will be used along with a range of technical documents and research to develop a draft Environmental Management Plan for the City of Victor Harbor.”

To set the scene on the current state of the local environment and assist community members to provide feedback, a State of the Environment report has been drafted. This report is available online at www.yoursay.victor.sa.gov.au or in hard copy at the City of Victor Harbor Civic Centre (1 Bay Road, Victor Harbor).

There are a couple of ways the community can contribute to the development of the new Environmental Management Plan for Victor Harbor.

  • Online – complete the online feedback form www.yoursay.victor.sa.gov.au

  • In writing – written submissions should be addressed to the CEO and posted to PO Box 11, Victor Harbor SA 5211; emailed to localgov@victor.sa.gov.au; or delivered in person to the Civic Centre (1 Bay Road, Victor Harbor).

All feedback must be submitted before 5pm on Friday, 15 March 2019.

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