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Have your say on the concept design for George T Fisher Nature Playground

The City of Victor Harbor is seeking the community’s feedback on the draft concept design for the George T Fisher Nature Playground.

The draft design aims to provide all ability and inclusive play opportunities. Features include a quirky fisherman’s shack with tunnel slide and rope bridge, driftwood climbing stack, an island with causeway access and water play features, swing set and slides, sand play deck with pulleys and sieves, and granite boulders for climbing.

“There is lots of excitement in the community about the upgrade of this prominent play space. A new playground will certainly revitalise this section of our foreshore, and complement the work undertaken at Soldiers’ Memorial Gardens,” said City of Victor Harbor Mayor Philp.

The draft nature playground concept design takes into consideration the feedback council received from the community during the public consultation period in June 2018. Key inclusions as a result of the public consultation include a fully fenced area for younger children and fencing all the way along Flinders Parade, play areas that suit the needs of both older and younger children, more seating opportunities, and reduction in the use of sand.

 “Two of the strongest issues that came through in this consultation was that fencing was important and the use of sand should be limited,” said Mayor Philp.

“The draft design shows a fully fenced area for younger children which I think will be well received by parents. Additionally, the amount of sand has been significantly reduced and a number of other surfaces have been included within the nature playground concept including brick paving, mulch, grass, rubber surfacing, gravel paths and asphalt paths.”

“There is still a sand pit area within the design as this is considered to be an important element of nature play. Instead of the entire playground being covered in sand, as is currently the case, a smaller sand pit area has been included with the draft concept design.”

To view the draft nature playground concept design and share your feedback visit www.yoursay.victor.sa.gov.au. Alternatively, hard copy information is available from the Civic Centre at 1 Bay Road, Victor Harbor.

Have your say on the draft concept plan before 5pm on Thursday, 16 August 2018.

The City of Victor Harbor has secured $220,000 through the Planning and Development Fund Open Space Grant Program to contribute to the cost of the $430,000 project. It is expected the upgrade will be completed in the first half of 2019.

Further questions about this project should be directed to the Manager, Environment and Recreation by emailing localgov@victor.sa.gov.au or calling (08) 8551 0500.

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