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Investing in the Future of Victor Harbor

Council adopts its 2016/17 Annual Business Plan and Budget

In adopting its 2016/17 budget, the City of Victor Harbor has reinforced its commitment to investing in the future of Victor Harbor and supporting one of the fastest growing regional communities in the State.

The budget allows for net capital expenditure of $10.5 million. Operating expenses of $25.8 million are funded by revenue of just over $26 million delivering a surplus of $252,300.

 “The 2016/17 budget aims to ensure we have the appropriate services and infrastructure in place to support our growing community,” said City of Victor Harbor Mayor Graham Philp.

“This budget shows Council undertaking major projects including year two of the Fleurieu Regional Aquatic construction, civil works for stages one and two of the Mainstreet Precinct Upgrade, the extension of The Bluff boat ramp car park, completion of the Ocean Road upgrade and development of the historic railway turntable site, while delivering the lowest rate increase in more than a decade.”

The City of Victor Harbor has budgeted to raise $19.8 million through council rates. For ratepayers this will mean an average increase of 2% or $36 for the year.

Within the 2016/17 budget the Council has provided for the establishment of new services as mandated by the State Government which accounts for 1.3% of this year’s rate rise. The new services relate to local nuisance and litter control, cat management, state heritage advisory service and planning reform.

“Council has worked tirelessly together with the community to secure a position that will assist us to meet the challenges ahead for our growing district, and more importantly ensure we are in a position to capitalise on the opportunities that present themselves,” said Mayor Philp.

“With access to some of the fastest internet speeds in the country through the National Broadband Network, our proximity to Adelaide, opportunities for future development and a reputation as one of the State’s number one regional tourist destinations, there is so much Victor Harbor can look forward to.”

“Council has set a solid foundation that will enable us to grasp these opportunities with both hands and take our regional city to the next level; making Victor Harbor an even better place to live, work and play.”

View the 2016/17 Annual Business Plan and Budget here.

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