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Minister approves changes to the Victor Harbor Development Plan

The Minister for Planning has approved changes to the Victor Harbor Development Plan by authorising the Victor Harbor Centres and Residential Development Plan Amendment (DPA).

The Ministerial DPA has resulted in the rezoning of land at five different locations within the City of Victor Harbor, including sites located on Waitpinga Road, Waggon Road, Armstrong Road, Adelaide Road/Agnes Gillespie Drive and the Old TAFE Site (Adelaide Road/McCracken Drive).

Council has received brief correspondence from the Minister for Planning providing an overview of the changes, as outlined below:

  • Waitpinga Road/Tugwell Road site (commonly referred to as the Makris site) was a ‘Deferred Urban’ zone and is now a ‘Suburban Neighbourhood’ zone providing for residential development and a commercial centre.
  • Agnes Gillespie Drive/Adelaide Road site (commonly referred to as the ALDI site) was a ‘Residential’ zone and is now a ‘Neighbourhood centre’ zone to accommodate a mix of residential, retail, medical and bulky good land uses.
  • Waggon Road/Ring Road (south eastern corner) was a ‘Neighbourhood Centre’ zone and ‘Deferred Community Facilities’ zone, and now the existing ‘Residential’ zone has been expanded and there is opportunity for a neighbourhood scale commercial activity centre.
  • McCracken Drive/Adelaide Road site was a ‘Local Centre’ zone and is now a ‘Neighbourhood Centre’ zone for bulky goods and residential/tourist development.
  • Armstrong Road site was a ‘Recreation’ zone and is now a ‘Mixed Use’ zone to accommodate emergency services and residential development.

City of Victor Harbor Mayor Graham Philp acknowledged the Minister’s decision but expressed his disappointment in the process.

‘Our Council has always acknowledged the importance of planning appropriately to meet the needs of our growing community, and the Minister’s dismissal of the significant body of work council had previously completed in this regard is disappointing.’

‘However, our focus has always been on achieving the best outcome for our community, and the negotiation of infrastructure agreements was our priority. We maintain our position that the Victor Harbor ratepayers should not have to bear the cost of infrastructure required because of new developments.’

‘Since the Ministerial DPA commenced, Council has not been in a strong position to negotiate the full suite of desired infrastructure to be provided by developers. We are hopeful that developers will honour their commitments in delivering this infrastructure.’

The Council highlighted that the Minister’s Centres and Residential DPA is a process for re-zoning specific parcels of land, and future development proposals are still required to go through the formal application process to seek the necessary approvals.

The revised Victor Harbor Development Plan will be available at the council office (1 Bay Road, Victor Harbor) or online at www.victor.sa.gov.au in the coming week.

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