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Thanks for coming to the Mayor's Morning Tea. Here's what we heard...

Thank you to the 50 or more people who joined myself and the Elected Members for morning tea at the Coral Street Art Space on Thursday, 19 September. It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to listen to your ideas, concerns and get feedback on how we are travelling as a new council.

At the morning tea we asked participants to share their vision for Victor Harbor, and tell us what we are doing well and what can be improved.

One of the most common things people talked about related to the development of an arts and culture centre for our community. We know this is a really important community vision, and work is currently being undertaken that will help us progress this.

More broadly people talked about their desire for improved community facilities for our residents. Safe streets, more footpaths, and additional parking options. This is something that we are working on to improve each year, and a schedule of works is included within our budget.

There were also a number of people at the morning tea that said better public transport in Victor Harbor and its surrounds was really important to them. Higher education, opportunities in Victor Harbor and increased TAFE courses in order to keep young people in the region were raised as important issues.  These are both very important issues and Council is continuing to advocate for the community in these areas.  With support of Regional Development Australia, Council is working to attract a Regional Study Hub which is a place that provides study spaces, access to technology like video conferencing, and support to students studying via distance. With regard to better transport services, Council connects regularly with State and Federal representatives to discuss the needs of our community and advocate for support in this area.

Another key issue that was raised concerned parking for users of Carrickalinga House. This is something that we is currently working to resolve. Discussions are still occurring with the management of Victor Central Shopping Centre, and we are also looking at options to assist users of Carrickalinga House. We will keep interested parties up to date on our progress to achieve a resolution.

In terms of what we are doing well, a number of people who came along said they felt we are doing a much better job of keeping the community informed and involved in what council was doing. This is something that we have been are committed to continuing to improve, and look forward to connecting with our many residents with future forums and listening posts.

However, remember that you don’t need to wait for another forum to connect with your Council. I would really like to encourage you to contact one of your elected members or myself, or ring the Council Office at any time they would like to discuss an issue.

Finally, I would like to thank all of you who came along to the Morning Tea. Both myself and the Elected Members appreciated the opportunity to chat with you and learn more about what is important to you. We look forward to seeing you again soon!

Moira Jenkins
Mayor City of Victor Harbor

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