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2010 Local Government Elections

Who has Nominated for Council

Results of Ballot Draw undertaken at 4.00pm on Tuesday, 21st September 2010.

Position: MAYOR (1 vacancy)  Candidates names (surnames first) will appear on the ballot paper in the following order:

 1.  TREZISE  (Kerry) Maree-Gene
 2.  LEGGETT  Stewart Ronald
 3. CHARLES   Peter Alexander
 4.  McPHAIL  Anthony
 5.  PHILP  Graham William

Position:  AREA COUNCILLOR (9 Vacancies) 

Candidates names (surnames first) will appear on the ballot paper in the following order:

 1.  KRUGER  Marck Dylan 10.   SEDUNARY  Christopher John
 2.  MARSHALL  Robert Kennion  11.  DUNSMUIR  James Hamilton
 3.  LEWIS  Peter David  12.  COOPER  Elizabeth Ellen
 4.  SOUTER  Mignon Ann  13.  LOESER  Keith Maxwell
 5.  PRYDE  Lindsay Ronald  14.  MORRIS  Michael Stanford
 6.  WHITE  Rodney  15.  BOND  Barbara Mary
 7.  HALL  David Anthony  16.  CHIGWIDDEN  Patricia Mary
 8.  SHEPHERD  Daniel Philip  17.  DUTTON  Karen Sue
 9.  TELFER  Timothy Ross      

All Voting is by Post.     Postal ballot papers will be distributed week commencing Monday 25 October 2010.

Close of voting   5pm Friday 12 November 2010

A "Meet the Candidates" evening will be held on Monday, 25 October 2010 commencing at 6.30pm in the General Purpose Room at the Recreation Centre, George Main Road, Victor Harbor

Information for candidates is provided on the Local Government Association (LGA) website http://www.lga.sa.gov.au/site/page.cfm?u=2218


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