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Annual Business Plan and Budget

The Annual Business Plan and Budget shows how Council will allocate its budget and what services, programs and projects will be developed in the coming financial year to contribute to achieving the community’s long term objectives.

The Annual Business Plan outlines Council’s priorities for the year ahead and includes the budget and rating policy. It links to our Community Plan 2036 and Strategic Directions 2016-2020, Long Term Financial Plan and Asset Management Plan, and outlines how we intend to measure our performance.

Developing our budget each year involves an extensive process and our aim is to ensure that the mix of services and capital works meets the needs of residents, businesses and visitors to our council area.

As a part of the Annual Business Plan and budgeting process, the community has the opportunity to provide feedback. This can be done by attending a public meeting, providing a written submission or completing an online survey.

2019/20 Annual Business Plan and Budget

The City of Victor Harbor adopted its 2019/20 Annual Business Plan and Budget at a special council meeting on Monday, 8 July 2019.

The $39.2 million budget reflects the Council’s commitment to ensure Victor Harbor remains a great place to live, invest and visit.

The budget includes the delivery of one of the biggest capital works programs, worth $11.2 million, and operating expenditure of $28 million resulting in a breakeven position.

Two major projects to be undertaken in 2019/20 include the completion of Stage Two and start of Stage Three of the Victor Harbor Mainstreet Precinct Upgrade. The Council will also transition to LED street lighting, with almost 1,700 lights changed over to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by around 200 tons per year.

Other notable projects include progression of the Arts and Culture Centre project, completion of the Fleurieu Cruise Ship and Boating Tourism Planning Study, improvements to the Bluff Boat Ramp, preparation of a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan and detailed design for the revitalization of the Railway Terrace Precinct.

Due to significant capital valuation growth, the Council has been able to maintain its differential rates at 2018/19 levels. A $40 increase to the fixed charge component of council rates means that properties that have had no change to capital value since 1 July 2018 will pay $40 more for the year. If the capital value has changed, rates will be an extra $40 plus an additional amount based on the increase in capital value as determined by the Valuer General.

Download the 2019/20 Annual Business Plan and Budget below:

2019/20 Annual Business Plan(4064 kb)

2019/20 Annual Business Plan Summary(7153 kb)

Consultation Report - 2019/20 Annual Business Plan and Budget(359 kb)


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