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Victor Harbor Town Centre Master Plan

Town Centre Master Plan

The City of Victor Harbor has undertaken a project to develop a masterplan for the Victor Harbor town centre that will:

  • Set a 20 year vision
  • Result in significant improvements
  • Introduce urban design and built form themes
  • Improve access and movement
  • Attract further investment
  • Benefit local business and community
  • Increase use of the public realm

Steering committee emphasised the need to be transformational, imaginative and innovative and to create
an action plan for the future.

Project Objectives

The community has provided strong support for the following ideas through previous consultation events:

  • Improved entry statements- emphasise the foreshore experience
  • Improved walking networks
  • Better connection between the town and the coast
  • Coastal promenade
  • New activity nodes
  • Town Square
  • Play Zone/ Causeway node
  • Coral Street node/ Pedestrian jetty
  • Upgraded Bowl's Club
  • Improved gardens and parks eg. Memorial Gardens
  • One-way traffic for Flinders Street
  • New off-street parking
  • Overall improvement of Town Centre presentation
  • These concepts form the key components of the Town Centre Master plan

Implementation Strategy - Key Goals

Goal 1: A clear sense of arrival and orientation for visitors
Goal 2: Memorable visitor destinations that set Victor Harbor apart
Goal 3: An active, sustainable and iconic foreshore
Goal 4: An accessible and convenient town centre
Goal 5: A walkable and attractive place
Goal 6: A vibrant and attractive shopping and business centre
Goal 7: A regional focus for cultural activity and expression
Goal 8: A policy framework that facilitates the achievement of the Urban Design Principles and Structure Plan

Click here to download a copy of the Victor Harbor Town Centre Master Plan Victor Harbor Master Plan (8,702 kb)

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