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Families & Children

The City of Victor Harbor has a Family Team, Fleurieu Families, consisting of three programs:

Parenting Connections Service

  • Providing parenting information in the form of groups, courses and information packages on many aspects of parenting
  • Working with parents and community to create new resources, projects and services for families
  • Connecting parents and caregivers to information, services and community resources

Linkages For Families

  • Exploring ways to provide family friendly environments where families can connect to each other and become more involved in their communities, for example activity and fun days
  • Parenting calendars, community service directories and resource kits for parents and caregivers
  • Assisting parents to access the services they need
  • Raising the importance of the early years of a child’s development and the connection of the family to the wider community.

Home Visiting

Volunteer Parent Support Workers provide practical and confidential support for families experiencing tough times.

They can provide:

  • A confidential person to talk to, to help get things in perspective
  • Information about support and services in the local area
  • Support when attending appointments with community agencies (ie school, Centrelink)

The home visiting service also aims to support Aboriginal families through culturally sensitive services to the local community.


Leann Symonds - Ph (08) 8551 0542 - lsymonds@victor.sa.gov.au or
Kerry Pomery - Ph (08) 8551 0553 - kpomery@victor.sa.gov.au

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