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To view the City of Victor Harbor's Development Plan click here and this will direct you to the Government of South Australia website where all South Australian Council's Development Plans are stored.

What is a Development Plan?

Across South Australia, each Council is required to maintain a Development Plan - a legally binding document that sets out the guidelines for development in the Council area. The Victor Harbor Development Plan is the primary document that contains the City of Victor Harbor's planning vision and policies.

Development Plans are updated regularly through a Development Plan Amendment (DPA). This enables Council to provide enough land for future use, respond to changing development and population patterns and reflect State Government objectives for future development.

What is a Development Plan Amendment (DPA)?

The only way in which a Development Plan can be updated is by a Development Plan Amendment (DPA). A DPA consists of an explanation of the proposed changes to the existing Development Plan, as well as the research that underpins these proposed changes. The process associated with each DPA includes a number of checks and balances, including a public consultation period, consultation with other government agencies and a formal public hearing.

Download a brief summary of the Development Plan Amendment process below:
A Guide to Development Plan Amendments(1067 kb)

Current DPA's

Council DPA's


Ministerial DPA's

Find out about current Ministerial DPA's (initiated and managed by the State Government).

Previous DPA's

The Better Development Plan (BDP) and General Development Plan Amendment (DPA) was approved by the Minister on 15 June, 2017 and Gazetted on 20 June, 2017.  Whilst the DPA will address some minor planning zone boundary anomalies, it is predominantly a conversion process, changing the existing Development Plan’s format from one style to a different, more consistent state-wide format using the ‘South Australian Planning Policy Library’ (SAPPL). The DPA’s conversion will also assist Council’s transition phase with the intended new State-wide Planning Reform changes in the near future. 

Centres Review DPA

The Centres Review Development Plan Amendment(2209 kb) reviews the policies relating to zoning for three Neighbourhood Centres (shops and other community facilities) within the council area, intending to support a growing population and strategically plan for investment in building and infrastructure.

The draft DPA affects three sites including - the Makris site on Waitpinga Road, the Old TAFE site on Adelaide Road and, an existing Neighbourhood Centre Zone and ‘Deferred’ Community Facilities Zone site on Waggon Road.

A two month consultation period expired on the 26 September, 2014 with many public and Agency submissions received as a result. These submissions can be downloaded below:
Index - Centres Review DPA Public Consultation Submissions(344 kb)
Part 1 - Centres Review DPA Submissions (Page 1 - 416)(47423 kb)
Part 2 - Centres Review DPA Public Consultation Submissions (Page 417 - 522)(13504 kb) 
Part 3 - Centres Review DPA Public Consultation Submissions (Page 523 - 650)(19120 kb)

A copy of the Centres Strategic Review: Final Investigations Report is also available for viewing.

Centres DPA Lodged With Minister

On 30 June 2015, the City of Victor Harbor lodged to Centres Review DPA with the Minister for Planning and urged him to hold off on authorising it until infrastructure negotiations are finalised.

Read more:
Media Release - Centres DPA Lodged with Minister (30 June 2015)(71 kb)

View the DPA submitted for approval:
Victor Harbor Centres Review DPA (For Approval) - 30 June 2015(1493 kb)


Outer Retail Centres DPA

This DPA (click here to download) focused on the Outer Retail Centres of Victor Harbor. It proposed to introduce new zones such as commercial and bulky goods zones; neighbourhood centre zones and a new Local Centre (Hayborough) zone.

Residential (Hindmarsh Valley) DPA

This DPA (click here to download) related to the northwestern edge of the urban area of Victor Harbor. The proposed changes here included the formation of a new residential zone in the Hindmarsh Valley; the creation of a deferred residential zone that will be developed after adequate infrastructure has been provided; and provision of a planned approach to the provision of future community facilities in that area.

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