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Council meetings are held on the fourth (4th) Monday of each month, commencing at 5.30pm (next business day in the event of a public holiday) in the Council Chambers located at the City of Victor Harbor Civic Centre, 1 Bay Road, Victor Harbor.

Latest Council Meeting Agenda

To view the latest Council agenda click here.


Latest Council Meeting Minutes

To view the latest Council minutes click here.


Council Meeting Recordings

To view the latest Council meeting recordings click here.


Meeting Procedures

Meetings are conducted in accordance with legislation.  The opinion of the meeting must be expressed in the form of a resolution which is decided by a majority of votes of the members present at the meeting.  The Council cannot make a decision, or form an opinion, unless it is done by resolution.  For persons interested in knowing more about Council meeting procedures please click here.

Code of Practice for Meeting Procedures(1437 kb) 

Public Participation

There are several ways that members of the public can make their views known at Council meetings:

Questions from the Gallery

Council has allocated a time for the public to ask questions at ordinary meetings of Council.  Questions may be asked by members of the Gallery regarding matters of Council business.

Members of the Gallery may ask up to two questions and at the discretion of the Mayor, one follow up question to each of the main questions.  These questions must be in writing and supplied to the Chief Executive Officer by 5pm the day of the meeting. Questions can be submitted by emailing localgov@victor.sa.gov.au; delivering in person to the Civic Centre, 1 Bay Road, Victor Harbor; or posting to PO Box 11, Victor Harbor SA 5211 (remember to allow sufficient time for delivery).

If a response cannot be provided at the meeting then a written reply will be sent to the proposer of the question prior to the next meeting.  The written request should therefore contain the name and address details of the person submitting the question.  For further information on meeting procedures click here.


Petitions allow the community to bring matters of concern to the Council's attention.  Council can be petitioned for any matter that comes under its jurisdiction.

Council considers a document to be a petition when it:

  • Is legibly written, typed or printed;  and
  • Clearly sets out the request or submission of the petitioners; and
  • Is addressed to the Council and delivered to the principal office of the Council.

The petition should include, for each person who has signed the petition, their name, address and normal signature.  The action requested of Council must be re-stated on the top of each page of the petition.

The following link provides an example of a Petition Form(106 kb)


A deputation allows a person to appear before a Council meeting in order to address or make a presentation to the Council on an issue.  A person wishing to make a deputation must seek the permission of the Mayor in writing.

Deputations are limited to a maximum of three per meeting and each deputation is allowed a maximum of 10 minutes to make their presentation.


Presentations are an opportunity for an organisation, Council officer(s) or member of the public to provide the Council with information relevant to a matter currently under consideration.  Presentations usually relate to a Council report.  The duration is up to 10 minutes and generally limited to one presentation per meeting.


Council Meeting Dates - 2019

City of Victor Harbor council meetings are held on the fourth (4th) Monday of each month, commencing at 5.30pm (next business day in the event of a public holiday).

Venue: Council Chambers, 1 Bay Road, Victor Harbor.
(Entry to the Chambers is gained only via the main western entrance to the building).

Council Meeting Dates for 2019
  • January - Tuesday, 29
  • February - Monday, 25
  • March - Monday, 25
  • April - Tuesday, 23 Rescheduled to Monday, 29
  • May - Monday, 27
  • June - Monday, 24
  • July - Monday, 22
  • August - Monday, 26
  • September - Monday, 23
  • October - Monday, 28
  • November - Monday, 25
  • December - TBA

Ordinary and special meetings of Council are livestreamed via Council's website.


Committees and Working Parties

Find out more about the City of Victor Harbor committees and working parties, includes information about meeting dates, members, agendas, minutes and terms of references.

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