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Clubs and Organisations


  • For a comprehensive list of Groups across the Southern Fleurieu Peninsula. click here   

STARCLUB Development Program

The Fleurieu/KI STARCLUB Program will commence in July 2012 it will provide support to local sporting clubs and associations. The Field Officer will work with local clubs to be sustainable, well managed and undertake the STARCLUB Club Development Program should they wish to do so.

The STARCLUB Club Development Program has been designed for use by sport and active recreation clubs of all sizes. The program will be valuable for your club whether you believe your club is already a STARCLUB or has some work to do.

What is a STARCLUB? A STARCLUB is a well run club where quality coaches and officials work alongside valued volunteers in a safe and welcoming environment. By measuring your club against the STARCLUB criteria, you are on your way to providing the best environment possible for your members and the wider community.

The STARCLUB online assessment tool is available now! Get started by clicking here

Should you wish to discuss your club or would like assistance with the online STARCLUB tool please contact Jeremy Bell on 0427 015 845 or email jeremy.bell@bigpond.com

*This is an initiative of Southern Fleurieu Health Service, Kangaroo Island Health Service, Alexandrina Council, City of Victor Harbor, District Council of Yankalilla, and Kangaroo Island Council funded by the Office for Recreation and Sport. 

Encounter Lakes Residents Group

Encounter Lakes Residents Group Committee 2015The Encounter Lakes Residents Group Inc. is a body of property owners and/or residents within the Encounter Lakes development and Franklin Island development with an elected committee to represent the community.

Members of the committee serve because they enjoy the lakes community, lifestyle and aim to ensure that the beauty and attractiveness of the environment is retained.


The Encounter Lakes Residents Group enjoy a co-operative relationship with the City of Victor Harbor and are an active participant in the regular monitoring of water quality, ongoing maintenance of the beaches and recreational parks as well as the development and maintenance of footpaths and stormwater disposal.

The cornerstone of their operation is the Encounter Lakes and Franklin Island Management Plan revised and approved by Council in January 2016,  a vital document which sets out how the above mentioned activities are achieved. Any new developments and use of the lake outside these parameters are subject to discussion to ensure residents interests are protected.

The Encounter Lakes Residents Group have a committee which specifically look after the beaches called 'The Beach Boys'. There is also a Gardening Group, a group of volunteers who look after the lakes reserves in conjunction with Council. The Encounter Lakes Residents Group welcome support from any residents who may be able to spare an hour and a half each month, in pleasant company.

The Encounter Lakes Residents Group appreciate hearing from Encounter Lakes and Franklin Island residents regarding matters of concern and welcome any ideas to assist in preserving the unique lakes environment.

Encounter Lakes Resident Group contacts are;

Email: lakespresident@mail.com                mail: PO Box 98, Victor Harbor 5211

Tony Aldridge, President          8552 2869 

Wilf Emmett, Secretary              8552 9126

Peter Harris, The Beach Boys     8552 8713

Ken Buckley, Gardening Group   8552 8151


Weed Control Activities - Encounter Lakes and Franklin Island Rock Revetments

Victor Harbor will periodically be undertaking required weed control activities around Encounter Lakes and Franklin Island to ensure the integrity of the revetment isn't compromised due to invasive vegetation or harboured vermin.

The works will be between the waters edge and the top of the rock revetment, including limited use of 'Roundup' (glyphosate biactive) via spot-spraying.

Waterfront residents who may have questions about the works can contact the Environment and Infrastructure Department on 8551 0500 for further information.

Fleurieu Festival of Sports

The Fleurieu Festival of Sports was established in 2014 to host an annual series of sporting events spanning the period from early January to May.

The inaugural 2015 Festival will involve more than 1,000 Australian and International participants and be hosted at a range of venues in the picturesque Victor Harbor area.

The only entry requirement for participants is that they meet the minimum age and skill requirement for their respective sport to ensure the sport is played fairly, competitively and in tremendous spirit.

The Fleurieu Festival of Sport enjoys strong in-kind and financial support from the City of Victor Harbor and the local Fleurieu business community.

In 2015 the Festival will include events from at least 10 sports. Some of the events will be on the national calendar for that sport, with elite level athletes amongst the participants.

The mission of Fleurieu Festival of Sports is to be seen as the pinnacle sports management, community based, not for profit organisation, that stimulates the Victor Harbor economy by delivering regular sports and recreation events.

The organisation also puts a focus on working with clubs to assist them to increase participation and grow.

Fleurieu Festival of Sports will contribute to the growth, branding and vibrancy of Victor Harbor by staging a variety of sports events throughout every ensuing year and by targeting classic and iconic events to establish municipal ownership, and thereby sustainability.

Fleurieu Festival of Sports believes the heightened awareness of sport stimulates and encourages health and fitness in the community.

Find out more about Fleurieu Festival of Sports.

Fleurieu Festival of Sports

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