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Place Branding Project

Community Champions Reference GroupThe City of Victor Harbor is starting work on a project that looks at the Victor Harbor region’s identity and how we present ourselves – this is known as ‘place branding’.

The project is about capturing the essence of our identity, not changing it, to help us better communicate why Victor Harbor is a great place to live, work and play.


What is a brand and why is it different from a logo?

A logo is like a stamp that is designed to visually represent a place or an organisation. A brand is all the ideas and values that sum up the essence of what makes a place or an organisation distinctive or unique.

A brand is a set of words that ring true when associated with that place or organisation. Often logos include the name of a place or organisation, maybe a graphic device or image – and a catchphrase that evokes a call to action.

In the case of Victor Harbor it’s all about the place – and it’s not the same thing as Council’s corporate logo.


How will a place brand be developed?

A detailed project framework has been adopted by Council. The framework sets out how the steps that will be undertaken to develop a place brand for Victor Harbor.

The first step of the project is to engage with the residents, ratepayers, business owners, visitors and other key stakeholders to find out more about their views, experiences and perceptions of Victor Harbor.

This is an idea generating phase and will incorporate a significant community engagement component that will be driven by a Community Champions Reference Group.


What is the Community Champions Reference Group?

There are many thousands of voices within the City of Victor Harbor and the role of the Community Champions Reference Group will be to make sure as many people as possible are heard.

The group will be made up of representatives from a broad cross section of the community and will drive engagement activities using their community networks.


Community Reference Group Members

The City of Victor Harbor appointed 13 representatives to be members of the Community Reference Group.

Members include:

  • Dylan Johnston and Maggie O’Moore (Youth)

  • Glenys Brown (Seniors)

  • Corey Dodd (Artists and Designers – Web and Graphic Design)

  • Margaret Worth (Artists and Designers – Professional Artist)

  • Alexander Schumann (Tourism Industry)

  • Janelle Paech (Agribusiness)

  • Mark Tenny (Other Commercial)

  • Shirley Sunter (Tourism Committee)

  • Kelly Baker-Jamieson (Economic Development Committee)

  • Sarah Nankivell (General Community)

  • Archie Kartinyeri and Leonie McCallum (Ngarrindjeri representatives)

It is envisaged that the group will meet monthly over a 10 month period with the first meeting due to take place in February 2015

Be assured that you can still play a part in this project , even if you are not a member of the reference group – there will be a number of opportunities for you and your networks to get involved.



Media release - Council appoints community champions(74 kb)

Community Champions Reference Group - Terms of Reference(198 kb)

Community Champions Reference Group - Attachment A - Project Framework(478 kb)

Community Champions Reference Group - Advertisement(450 kb)

City of Victor Harbor - Volunteer Handbook 2013(549 kb)

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