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Local Farmers Seminars

Council through its Agribusiness Reference Group are offering a number of seminars that are intended to support our local farmers.  Below are four upcoming events that might be of interest, with further detail of each session provided in the flyer enclosed.

The Medium Term Weather Forecast
Friday, 15 March, from 10am to 12noon
Guest speaker Darren Ray, Senior Climatologist, Bureau of Meteorology will outline the medium term trends and changes on weather and rainfall across the region, as well as the outlook for the remainder of 2019
COST :  Free
RSVP : Suzi Prsa, City of Victor Harbor 8551 0595 or sprsa@victor.sa.gov.au

Laws of Trespass: Understanding your Rights
Thursday, 21 March from 10am to 11.30am
Recent events and public campaigns linked to animal welfare have created doubt in the minds of local farmers. Guest speaker John Elferink, Policy Officer with the South Australian Dairy Farmers Association will talk through what are farmers rights and responsibilities under the law.
COST :  Free
RSVP : Suzi Prsa, City of Victor Harbor 8551 0595 or sprsa@victor.sa.gov.au

Digital Ag Solutions
Wednesday, 3 April from 10am to 1pm
Technology and the use of digital and online tools to improve farm management and business operations is becoming more common to assist farmers improve their businesses. The session will highlight the emerging uses of digital technology and how you can apply it to your farm.
COST :  $55 per person
RSVP :  https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/digital-agriculture-solutions-victor-harbor-registration-57655194238

Business Readiness Sessions
Monday, 8 April from 2pm to 4pm
Is your farm business ready for a natural disaster? How do you plan for this type of event ? The session will guide farm businesses through how to prepare for uncertain times.
COST :  Free
RSVP : Suzi Prsa, City of Victor Harbor 8551 0595 or sprsa@victor.sa.gov.au

Local Farmer Seminars 2019(308 kb)

Rural Landholders Handbook

Rural landholders and farmers in the City of Victor Harbor will be given an extra helping hand with the release of a new Rural Living Handbook that provides helpful information and guidance for settling into life in the district.

The new handbook provides new and prospective rural landholders with advice and guidance on the various aspects of managing rural property while providing references to support and assistance that is available to help new or new to the area property owners with embracing life on the land.

Rural Living Handbook(5609 kb)

Agribusiness Reference Group

The City of Victor Harbor has acknowledged the importance of the agribusiness sector to the future prosperity of the local community.  Council are seeking to be better informed about the challenges and opportunities that are affecting local producers and those in the agribusiness sector.

At the March 2017 council meeting elected members endorsed the following measures:

  1. The formalising and establishment of an Agribusiness Reference Group, including the preparation of a Terms of Reference.
  2. The development of an Agribusiness and Rural Affairs Policy.
  3. The preparation and circulation of a survey that seeks to understand the challenges and opportunities that currently exist in the sector.
  4. Interest be sought from neighbouring councils with respect to collaborating on initiatives that support the sector.

2017 Agribusiness Survey

The City of Victor Harbor through its Agribusiness Reference Group have recently circulated a survey to over 450 local rural landowners seeking to be better informed about issues affecting the agribusiness and rural community.  Survey responses have now closed, with 60 surveys completed and presented to the Council.  The Agribusiness Reference Group have reviewed the survey responses are now working on how this feedback can be meaningfully applied to issues directly affecting our rural community. 

The 'Key Findings' from the Agribusiness Survey have been compiled into report that is being used to inform Council's decision making processes relating to rural and agribusiness matters.

Agribusiness Survey Report


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